vacations of gina

    Dear Giacomo!     
     Thank you for providing us with great service and the pleasure of renting your beautiful
property in Cefalu! We absolutely loved the place.
Perfect for two families with not too young children.
     Here is some comments from us, you can pick and chose what you write on your  website:     
     We arrived Palermo airport and easily found our way to Cefalu.
Getting the cars from Avis took some time, and we were further away from Palermo city
than expected
- so due to slow car rental and traffic
through Palermo Saturday night it took us a couple of hours to get to the villa.
I am sorry I got mixed up with your, but the hotel close by the villa was very helpful
looking up your phone no.
We were so pleased to see the place, the gorgeous garden, the see-view,
the private beach and also the house itself
with all your cosy spots to sit down/have meals outside.
The house worked very well even if we were one child extra
(9 persons in stead of 8).
We also really ensjoyed your rocky private beach.
Good thing to bring some swimming shoes.
The water was perfect, clear and good temperature for the time of year.
We went for walks also to the public sandy beach not far away (10 minutes).
Very nice, not overcrouded.
     The boys also enjoyed the soccer-court up the street, and would have enjoyed      
     the tennis-court if we had brought rackets.     
     We spent most evenings in Cefalu, a 5 minute drive away.
We really enjoyed the old town, the small streets, the harbourfront with the beach,
the restaurants and life at night.
Being able to se the town from the garden and beach was great, you got a feeling of being close by.
     We got some tips from the tourist information in Cefalu of were to go around the area.
One day we made a round trip to Gibilmanna - Isnella - Castelbuono and back,
took us about a half day.
It was a beautiful drive through the mountains and we found the little town of Isnella
authentic and very charming.
Castelbuono was nice as well, a bit larger with more shops etc.
     The highlight of our stay was our trip to the Etna vulcany with an overnight in Siracus
on the south-east coast.
When we drove up the mountain we came from very hot weather (32 degrees) - drove through
a hail-storm on the way up (12-13 degrees) - and ended up in a thunderstorm
after having taken the gondola up to 2.500 metres.
The air was so electric that we were inititally not allowed outside of the cafe,
but after a while the weather cleared up and we could go out.
It was possible to take special busses all the way to the very top (3300 metres),
but this was very expensive so we only walked on foot a way up.
The children found it very exiting, they experienced heat coming up
from the ground and picked lava-rocks.
Nothing like we have ever seen before.
     We have no regrets going to Siracusa, experiencing the old town for an evening - night
at a cosy bed and breakfast place,
and sightseeing the next day.
Lots of beautiful architecture and history to learn.
We also went to see the old Greek theatre, which was great! One of the families went further
south to Noto which was alos very interesting,
while the other found a nice beach outside of Siracusa with interesting ruins and relaxed in the heat.
     Back in Cefalu, we also spent a whole day in Palermo seeing the beautiful mosaik in the Capella Palatinas
and the gorgeous exterior
of the Cathedral.
We also enjoyed a bit of shopping at the market.
We got a bit lost trying to find parking and ended up far south not too far from the Port,
so we ended up walking very far in the heat and in a very noisy street
to get to the Capella and the Cathedral
(can't remember the name of the street, but it was the street leading up to the Cathedral).
A tip is to park the car at the Capella, there is a large parking place outside.
     All in all, we really enjoyed the stay. We warmly recommend the Villa Zagara,
Cefalu and Sicily as a great place to visit,
lots to see and experience and also good place to relax and enjoy life.
     Thanks alot also to Giacomo and his secretary Claudia, who made the stay
very pleasant with great service and helpfulness!
     Warm regards     
     Gina and Svein and the children     
     Gro and Eirik and the children     


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